Nutrition – Dog Food

We are launching our latest product, supplying RAW DOG FOOD.

Let your dog taste & feel the difference!


The Wise Choice For Your Dog!

The Bone & Raw Food (BARF) diet – a natural diet of minced raw meat, bones & minced vegetables. Variety of Farm Assured beef, chicken & lamb available.

Prepared & specially labelled for Amarok Canine, raw dog food is the natural sustenance for your dog…

We believe the benefits of raw dog food are:  

"Mmmm...I like fresh chicken!"

"Mmmm...I like fresh chicken."

  • Higher Nutritional Value                   
  • Sympathetic to Digestive System
  • Healthier Coat
  • Cleaner Teeth & Breath
  • Reduced Stool Volume
  • Better Overall Health
  • Human Grade Ingredients and More …

‘Conveniently pre-blended food packaging…Little fuss’

FREE ADVICE: Amarok could offer FREE canine nutrition advice as well as assistance in planning your dogs diet each month with continued support & monitoring.

Having looked into the best dog food for our Amarok pack over several years, we have spent considerable time researching feeding options; especially after analysing in some detail as to the contents/ingredients (and chemicals, more often than not) that actually goes into most (if not all) branded dry and/or ‘complete’ dog foods. With us having 3 dogs with differing requirements owing to their varied energy levels, exercise routines and individual metabolism rates we weren’t satisfied with the various different foods wehave  tried. Whilst using dry/complete dog foods, we noticed that our dogs health were far from optimal and not as we would expect for dogs that have an active lifestyle. Issues and concerns included – slightly dry skin for the whippet; one collie often choosing to skip meals; scratching snouts after eating; and also being slightly over weight despite regular monitoring.

Since integrating raw food into the Amarok Pack’s diet, we can report -

*the dogs ALWAYS look forward to their food, and eat immediately (no hovering back & forth!)
*after a recent vet check we were pleased to be given further professional feedback in that the collies are in great condition (coats & weight wise).
*teeth & breathe have improved
*stools are less in volume (as more good nutrients are actually being absorbed)
*they all appear more balanced in persona from day to day

We are so impressed by the natural diet, that we have had several blends of raw dog food prepared and specially labelled for Amarok Canine with the intention of perhaps enlightening other dog owners and supplying them with a natural and genuinely holistic dog food.

A few of our clients have been quick to switch their own dog’s diets, and we have received very similar, positive feedback from those we supply also. “The proof is in the pudding……. But no pudding for our dogs!”

Make the Wise Choice for your ‘best friend’ who could enjoy a tastier, healthier & natural diet – contact us now!