Dog Jog & Fitness X-Training


 Amarok Pack Dog Jog:

We now offer scheduled running sessions with our Amarok Pack members! Dedicated to dog health & wellbeing, Iain leads the dogs on a 45-60min run along river-side paths and local fields (safely away from roads & traffic). 

All newcomers would be welcomed to the Pack Jog but not before a trial run to ascertain their social etiquette and fitness ability. Iain will use a harness and running lead during the first session with a view to achieving ‘off the lead’ Pack running.


 Canine Fitness X-Training:

This is a dog jog session strictly on a specialised harness and running lead with Iain on a one-to-one basis. Sessions last 45-60mins depending on the session type and the goals of the individual dog. These sessions could be useful as part of a weight-loss or rehabilitation programme, and could be tailored accordingly.


Why? And what benefits?

We must all agree that many dogs need more than just a daily stroll – they need increased physical exertion, mental stimulation and a higher level of social interaction that pack environments could provide. Other benefits include canine discipline, nurturing instinct and general wellbeing improvement.

 Physically and physiologically, your dog could expect to strengthen muscle, ligament and other soft tissue which should reduce general risk of injury. Also, breeds known to be susceptible to hip dysplasia or arthritis could potentially delay onset and increase suppleness through pack running training. Of course, just like humans, the heart and cardiovascular system health could be improved or healthily maintained.


Weight-loss & Injury Rehabilitation

In conjunction with your Vet, Iain could work with your dog to safely reduce body weight and return your dog to its natural physique which should decrease overall health risks and stress on the body’s organs and joints. Likewise, if your dog is recovering from injury, Iain could comfortably work towards the Vet or owners’ goals for full rehabilitation.



Iain could also offer advice or guidance on dog foods as part of the overall fitness plan and Amarok Pack Dog Jog or Canine X-Training. It is very important to get energy and quality of food intake spot on for your dog!


The Pack Leader

Iain has several years’ experience of running with dogs either on lead or off-lead, and thoroughly enjoys and understands the freedom that exists during dog pack runs. It is mentally and physically demanding and the pack’s energy and connection ensures that not one pack member gets left behind – “we are one”!


 Please contact us for more information on sessions dates/times and to register.