Dog Walking

Whether you request our dog walking services in your environment or utilise our Home Boarding / Day Care services, we would provide exciting physical & mental stimulation for your dog on a one2one or social basis with the Amarok pack. We could use your usual routine, vary the route/location & allow off-lead interaction in safe areas at your discretion. At your request we can reinforce your heel work & aim to reduce boredom & behavioural problems by providing mental stimilation while giving social interaction both with humans & other dogs. Varied walks incl. one2one, play & walk, back-pack walking, a pick-up service also available to take the dog(s) to interesting walking locations. Shorter walks available for pups, injured or elderly dogs. We are also now providing social etiquette sessions, using our trained pack to teach puppies/ anxious or aggressive / over friendly dogs how to behave whilst out on a walk.
We can provide a company tag (or supply a tag & engraving service) for security while on walks.

 One-2-One or Buddy Walks

Many of our regular dog walks are One-2-One to give your dog(s) our walkers undivided attention, but we also provide  Buddy Walks (where we pair up your dog with a second regular client) or we could bring an Amarok Pack Member  (with your consent) to give your dog that extra doggy socialisation. Useful for those slightly uncertain of other dogs or wishing to play to drain energy. We tend to find that while on the walks, it is natural for us to provide basic lead training  and reinforce ‘good manners’ when meeting people and other dogs. As dog safety is our main concern, we will always introduce your dogs to our walks on the lead until we are confident they trust us enough to return to our walkers on recall. We will never let a dog roam free without your consent. On returning your dog, we will towel them dry and ensure plenty of fresh water is left for them. We are ‘all weather walkers’ and as long as we can get to your dog we shall take them out, as long as you are happy for them to come back tired, mucky pups! If you would like them to have a coat and stick to dry walks we can do that too. During the Summer months we keep an eye on the heat and walk in the shade to swimming spots to ensure your dog is safe from the heat while enjoying their time with us.


>>> NEW:   By popular demand…..


* Basic Training & Socialisation within a Pack Walk Environment with Feedback to the client on Tips/Techniques to develop Positive Behavioural Changes..*

Is your dog friendly? Is your dog sociable?

Thanks to existing clients positive prasies and word of mouth, we are proud to say that our Amarok pack has helped clients who required assistance with their dog’s ‘social etiquette’ whilst on a walk, whether it be with working on heal work, boistourous characters, pulling, aggression or unsocial behaviour meeting other dogs etc. Some of  our clients had initially rung Amarok with no confidence that anyone was going to be able to assist their ‘unsociable’ dog. Our two collies and whippet have their own personal attributes to contribute to the training/walk to encourage your dog to alter certain (unwanted) behaviour in order to be accepted by our dogs & others. Most of our clients, after using this service, become confident that their dog would benefit from home boarding not only to re-inforce these skills obtained via both our ‘human & dog’ leaders over an extended duration, but those that are anxious around other dogs could & have  found our Amarok pack environment  advantageous. (please see the review by Jessie, for an example).  

 Wild Adventure Walks

We could offer 2hrs + of adventure walks in varous exciting mountain & river locations …. For those dogs who need that little bit extra energy burn and mental stimulation, often joined by the Amarok pack and friends.

Arranged fortnightly, please contact us for dates/times to register and book your dog as places are limited on our Wild Walks!


>>> Coming Soon…. Amarok’s Community Social Walks – organised monthly group walks led by the Amarok pack – all members and sociable guests welcome! £1 donation per household which goes to a dog related charity!!


Some images of my clients best friends and our surroundings…..plenty of walks on our doorstep waiting to be sniffed & explored >>>>>