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Website Content:-

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Our Payment options:-

Bank Transfer, Cash, or Cheque made payable to AMAROK CANINE SERVICES  LIMITED


Our Delivery Service:-

We offer delivery anywhere throughout the UK mainland (excluding Channel Islands and Scottish Highlands) and Northern Ireland. Stock permitting, most orders can be delivered within 5 working days, however please allow 10 days for delivery as we occasionally run out of some of our innovative and popular items.


Postage, packaging and delivery:-

* Small, lightweight items under £25.00 value may be posted at cost (Minimum charge £3.00).

* Special handling charges may still apply to bulky or weighty purchases or destinations surcharged by our couriers.

* Large orders may need to be individually priced for accurate postage cost.

* The customer will be responsible for the cost of return postage and insurance.


Wedding Dog Care Solutions – Guidelines / Requirements:-

> Ensure you have your venue owner & registrar’s permission to include your dog. Whilst Amarok Canine is fully insured, you are ultimately liable for your dog(s) actions.

> Amarok Canine are not liable for damages caused by your pet at any time. Amarok Canine shall not be responsible for your pets’ actions inappropriate or otherwise, examples may include excessive barking; aggression; guest harassment. However if your pet  is considered to be unsociable, inappropriate or uncontrollable action may be taken to neutralise any given situation at Amarok Canine’s complete discretion.

 To ensure your special day doesn’t have any upsets as a result of ‘pet unpredictability':

> think about whether your dog would actualy enjoy the experience. Do you feel bad about leaving your dog out of your celebrations & risk it becoming over-whelmed or anxious about large crowds & unusual activities or does your dog love socialising?

> Is your dog really sociable around people/children or does it get over-excited and ignore basic commands/bark if its not the center of attention?

> If you are going to choose a role for your dog, ensure it is appropriate depending on its behaviour & personality.

> Have you informed guests your dog may be present – inform us if you have any guests that are afraid or alergic to pets.

> We would recommend your dog is kept on a lead or enclosed in areas as it will be an unusual experience for your dog.

> Most of us appreciate fireworks & loud entertainment,  however some dogs develop  a fear & become anxious.